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ClorofixCometianoDarkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck (serie animata)Darkwing Duck Box Set Volume 1Darkwing Duck Box Set Volume 2
Darkwing Duck WikiJet McQuackLa sconfitta dei nemici di Darkwing Duck
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NegaduckNettuniaOcalina Mallard e Tonnaso Parapiglia
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StegoTalponiTank Parapiglia
Toros BulbaTuskernini
File:258px-Liquidator.jpgFile:800px-Darkwing Duck 1991 logo svg.pngFile:Ammonia Pine.jpg
File:Cometiano.jpgFile:Darkwing DuckDvd2.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 108 - Duck Blind.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck - 109 - Comic Book Capers.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 113 - A Revolution in Home Appliances.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 133 - The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck - 135 - Life, the Negaverse and Everything.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 138 - Disguise the Limit.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 146 - My Valentine Ghoul.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck - 149 - Let's Get Respectable.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 161 - Quiverwing Quack.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 162 - Jail Bird.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck - 165 - Bad Luck Duck.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 211 - Going Nowhere Fast.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck - 312 - Malice's Restaurant.jpg
File:Darkwing Duck papero mascherato.jpgFile:Darkwingdvd.jpgFile:JeteDarkwingDuckDoppiaD.jpg
File:Megavolt.gifFile:Morganamccawber.jpgFile:Negaduck's Defeat.jpg

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